About Us

With the resurgence of retro streetwear, footwear in particular. The retro footwear buzz grew tremendously with major brands bringing back popular and iconic footwear from the late 80s early 90s… but it stopped there. We quickly recognised complete outfits to wear with the re-released footwear were difficult to come by. Those of us that had the footwear the first time around were quick to buy again in the noughties as the nostalgia hit us like a tonne of bricks. But there was little to be said about the clothing our only option was to create something, and so LAKEY was born.

Who is LAKEY for?

Our customers want a break from the norm. They want to be seen in something different. LAKEY is for trendsetters, those that want to stand out from the crowd. Those that recognise quality and intricate detailing. Those that want to be apart of today's retro era.

LAKEY has been designing and supplying streetwear fashion since 2016. Our growth in the fashion niche has been positive and steady given the fact that we continue to explore diverse design possibilities to maintain our rapidly growing following. Our satisfaction as a fashion brand comes from seeing our customers evolve into trendsetting fashion figures by wearing LAKEY.

"Your clothes are your wings so stay fly with LAKEY"